Egle Medical SPA (Eglės sanatorija) in Birstonas is situated in the picturesque regional park at the loops of the Nemunas River, which is the greatest in Lithuania, and opened its door comparatively recently as the first residential complex and medical treatment centre was opened in 2013. Egle Birstonas is situated in a unique location, and the most fabulous natural landscape opens itself behind the windows.

Egle Medical SPA in Birstonas presents a complex comprised of four interconnected parts allowing the guests of the medical SPA comfortably and without going out reach any place of the medical SPA including the health care centre, living rooms, canteen, etc. The medical SPA offers modern single, double or double joint rooms, lux class suites, rooms for disabled people, and rooms for people suffering from allergies with anti-allergic flooring. The rooftop is equipped with an especially popular sunbathing terrace. A total of 730 guests can stay at the Egle Birstonas at one time.

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Being situated in the place of health resorts famous for springs of mineral water, the Egle Birstonas Medical SPA  invites you to acquire health and strength from the healing mineral water and healing black and white mud derived from the private drills and resources of the medical SPA, and pamper yourself with rituals of “Gintaras SPA”, relaxation procedures of the SPA Centre and more than 100 various procedures offered to our guests at the Egle Medical SPA in Birstonas.


Medical SPA treatment is a treatment based on natural and reshaped factors, based on old traditions integrated into modern medicine, in order to ensure or restore good health, to help prevent health problems. Medical SPA treatment includes motion, walking, mineral water, massage, and psychotherapy.

Each disease or illness has many different types that depend on the stage of the disease. The disease may be acute or in remission. During the remission, the disease temporarily recedes, and its symptoms reduce. It is at this time that Medical SPA treatment is the most effective and especially necessary.


Is the use of a variety of climatic factors and localities for the treatment, the purpose of which is to restore the biological link between the organism and the external environment (sun, air temperature, humidity, wind). A person loses these connections without even feeling it, by living in “premises climate” or “climate underneath the clothing” conditions.


It is the treatment with mineral water which, due to its special chemical composition and specific physical properties, positively affects body malfunctions, therefore, it is used for improving the immune system, treatment and rehabilitation.


It is the treatment with fango-paraffin and therapeutic mud. They affect the body temperature by mechanical, chemical and biological stimulators stimulating skin receptors.

The famous natural factors used for centuries at the Egle Medical SPA, mineral water and curative mud, are combined with modern technologies, as well as kinesitherapy, psychotherapy, ergotherapy and many more. This creates opportunities for comprehensive treatment of various illnesses, helping to strengthen the organism.

Every person in the medical SPA is seen as an indivisible whole. When something hurts, the pain travels by the nerves to the central nervous system, thus forming a focal point that changes the positive thoughts to the negative. The stronger the pain, the more irritated the focus is – the person becomes grumpy, angry and unable to work, the morphology of the neurons changes. The purpose of medical SPA treatment is to achieve an irritant effect (called irritant treatment), when new foci are formed in the central nervous system by using natural factors, mineral baths, ergotherapy, psychotherapy, etc. They are formed in order to “turn on” all the body organs and thus activate the healing processes. When pain is suppressed, neurons return to their normal initial state and negative emotions eventually disappear.

According to the specialists, medical SPA treatment is recommended twice a year.

For centuries, the resort has been famous for natural factors.

Usage of mineral water and therapeutic mud nowadays at the Egle Medical SPA is combined with advanced technologies. This creates great opportunities for a comprehensive treatment of various diseases and strengthening of the health.

People who come to the medical SPA have an aim to receive some medical or preventive treatment, regain work abilities, and improve well-being. The gentle climate of the resort, clean air of the pine forests and quiet surroundings help to productively relax, and gain physical and internal strength.

Specifically, for in-depth diagnostics of your body and assessment of health condition, additional diagnostic procedures and consultations of qualified specialists may be administered.

Medically treated diseases/disorders by:

  • locomotor system
  • nervous system (neurological)
  • blood circulatory system (cardiological)
  • respiratory system (pulmonary)
  • traumatological-orthopedic
  • oncological
  • endocrine
  • gynecological
  • digestive system
  • skin disorders
  • kidney diseases

The unknown natural resources lie in the depths of earth, and may give us their healing powers. Many of us do not think about the benefits of natural healing factors. The human being is healed by the nature beauty and the natural aromas (iodized air at the seaside, scents of the wild flowers, pure air of the pinewoods), and other materialisations of nature, its gentle touches. Druskininkai and Birstonas are two balneological resorts with natural springs of mineral water used for therapeutic gains. At the places where these resorts are located, the curative peat mud is derived. Traditions of the therapeutic treatment of the Egle Medical SPA (Eglės sanatorija) are based on naturalness. We believe that health may come from nature.


Mineral water has a dual therapeutic effect gained in two ways – by drinking or bathing in mineral water baths. In case of certain indications, drinking mineral water cures or helps to cure various disorders, such as those of the digestive system (chronic gastric inflammation with reduced gastric acidity, gastric and duodenal ulcers, etc.), kidney diseases (some urinary tract diseases, kidney stones, etc.) and endocrine diseases (metabolic disorders, diabetes, etc.)

For bathing in mineral water baths, the mineral water is usually provided with air bubbles, enriched by carbon dioxide, essential oils, and retains its other natural qualities. Various therapeutic procedures with mineral water are offered at the Egle Birstonas Medical SPA including the therapeutic oral cavity massage, inhalations with mineral water, and therapeutic baths. Bathing in a mineral water bath is used to treat circulatory diseases, central and peripheral nervous system disorders, musculoskeletal system injuries, respiratory system disorders, endocrine diseases, etc.


Therapeutic mud is used as a particular substance (for wrapping) or mixed with therapeutic mineral water (for a mud and mineral bath), in which case the created effect of both natural healing factors is used. The benefits of therapeutic peat mud are unquestionable, however, there is no clear explanation of how it works and why it works so well.

It is believed that the peat mud procedures cause complex reflex reactions triggering mechanisms affecting thermal, chemical and pain skin receptors. Biologically active substances are released in the skin, and all systems in the body start reacting. Peat mud has a unique composition as more than 50% of it is organic and moisture can reach up to 90%.

The therapeutic effect of peat mud is due to its perfect thermal properties and abundance of organic matter contained in it: humic acids, fats, etc. Peat mud stimulates enzyme activity, accelerates regeneration processes, and inhibits inflammation.

We invite you to discover and try yourself what has been obtained as a gift from the nature for many centuries and contains the secret of good health.

If a client comes with a medical SPA treatment program

Doctor’s consultation is provided upon arrival at check-in. There is no need to make reservation of the medical treatment procedures according to the programs.

During the consultation, the doctor will evaluate your medical condition and appoint treatment according to the program of your choice taking into account the medical condition before and after the procedures. Procedures under the program can only be changed during the doctor’s consultation because of existing contraindications.

After the doctor’s consultation, the time/schedule of procedures is provided at the treatment facility reception. During the doctor’s consultation, you can ask the doctor about the additional procedures that may purchase at the treatment facility reception.


It is recommended to bring rubber slippers, hygiene items, a sportswear, a swimsuit.


It is forbidden to smoke in all the rooms of the medical SPA. There are special premises for smoking (see the plan in the book of the room or ask at the reception).

The fine for smoking in an unspecified place is 100 EUR.

The only one in Lithuania is the “Druskupis” mineral water evaporation building in Birstonas, where you can enjoy the exceptionally healthy “sea effect” air. People living at the resort and arriving city guests can try the open-air inhalations, strengthen the health and temper the body with light therapy. Right in the central city park, the tower-pavilion is situated, it is opened and has an original architecture, with mineral water fountain and salt gallery. Mineral water flowing down the walls of the evaporator is exposed to wind and sun, so it evaporates naturally in the water evaporation tower and allows you to breathe with healthy “sea effect” air saturated with useful minerals, within a radius of 50-80 m around the tower. The air enriched with mineral water drops has the same effect as the breathing with sea air, so you feel as if you are walking along the seashore. Mineral water is supplied to the “Druskupis” evaporation tower from the mineral water spring called “Ruta”. The “sea effect” air emitted by the evaporator allows for complex reconciliation of rehabilitation procedures and health promotion by means of natural factors in Birstonas medical SPAs, which will enhance the effectiveness of treatment, and will help the patients to get back on their feet. Breathing with salt-saturated air is especially useful for patients with various respiratory diseases, besides, this kind of air is especially good for skin – it becomes smoother, more elastic and brighter when exposed to mineral water. Meditation together with bubbling water observing improves general state and helps to overcome nervous tension.

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Comfort level is offered at the Egle Medical SPA in Birstonas. Comfort – the highest comfort level for guests who want exceptional accommodation. Having chosen the Comfort level, guests of the Egle Medical SPA “(Eglės sanatorija) will have access to the procedures wearing a bathrobe, and will also reach the mineral water buvette, the canteen and various places of the leisure activities without going outdoors.

A single room with a balcony, a shower and WC. The room is equipped with:

  • TV with a cable TV
  • telephone
  • electric cattle
  • tableware
  • safe
  • refrigerator
  • towels
  • bathrobes
  • free Wi-Fi

A single room with two separate beds or one double bed, a balcony, a shower and WC. The room is equipped with:

  • TV with a cable TV
  • telephone
  • electric cattle
  • tableware
  • safe
  • refrigerator
  • towels
  • bathrobes
  • free Wi-Fi

Luxury two room suite: the bedroom with a wide double bed, and the guest room with a folding sofa bed. Each suite has a shower, a bathtub and a toilet, and is equipped with:

  • hair dryer
  • air conditioner
  • 2 TVs with a cable TV
  • individual safe
  • refrigerator
  • electric cattle
  • tableware
  • towels
  • bathrobes
  • free Wi-Fi

This suite can comfortably accommodate a family (up to 4 people).


A buffet-style meal is provided three times a day in the canteen. Every day you can choose from a wide and balanced menu, on which you will find conventional and traditional Lithuanian and dietary dishes, fresh fruits and vegetables, cold and hot drinks, and desserts.

Working hours

Breakfast: I-V 07.30–09.30, VI–VII 07.30–10.00

Lunch: I-V 12.30–14.30, VI-VII 12.30–14.30

Dinner: I-V 17.30–19.30, VI-VII 17.30–19.30

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In Swimming Pool and Sauna Complex you will find one of the largest complexes of pools and baths in the region. There you can enjoy three different freshwater and mineral water pools with underwater massage currents, whirlpool and vertical baths.

In the sauna area can choose from 8 different saunas – steam baths of different temperatures, infrared sauna, saunas of different temperatures and humidity, Himalayan salt bath, hammam and ice room. For the little guests, there is children’s swimming pool.


The guests of Egle Medical SPA who receive medical treatment are invited to swim in the pool every morning from 7.00 to 9.00 free of charge.


During the “quiet hour” the Swimming Pool and Sauna Complex in Birstonas may be attended only by adults (older than 16 years old).

The “quiet hour” – I-VI from 21:00 till 22:00


Amber SPA offers a set of unique procedures that help to use the amber energy accumulated over millions of years for enhancement of human health. To mention among the exclusive health care procedures, there is the amber encrusted infrared sauna, and a special ritual of massage with amber oil and amber dust performed on the massage table encrusted with the amber from the Baltic Sea, as well as procedures with amber water that are exceptionally health improving as they not only give relaxation but also strengthen the immune system.


Leisure and recreation activities at the Reception Desk of Block B:

  • Rental of board games or outdoor games
  • Tour reservations
  • Information about the events taking place at the Medical Spa

At G123 you will find:

  • Table tennis
  • Board games

Relax with a book

In the library you will find more than 500 books in Lithuanian, English and Russian.

The library is located in Room A235.

All guests of Egle Medical SPA staying with their little ones are welcome to visit our playroom for kids, where your kids can enjoy playing fun table and computer games. Children are supervised by the children’s room educator.

Children’s playroom is FREE for the children staying at the Medical Spa!

The playroom is available for children over 3 years old.

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